Friday, January 05, 2007

Oh, I Feel A Lot Safer Now...

In a desperate attempt to salvage his amnesty program for illegals, President Bush asked several states to send National Guard troops to the US/Mexican border to increase our security. It's his way of letting Mexico know they're dealing with one tough hombre.

So what happens when a squad of armed Mexicans crosses the borders and launches an assault on our National Guardsmen? Why, we run away, of course!

That's right: American soldiers abandoning America's border in the face of a violent attack from armed foreigners on our soil.

Why would our soldiers do something so cowardly? Because President Bush told them to, of course. The protocol for our soldiers is that they are not allowed to defend the border, apprehend immigration criminals or (according to some reports) have live ammo in their weapons. Their instructions when faced with a bunch of dirtbag drug dealers or coyotes are to call the Border Patrol and run away.

Another great moment in border security, brought to you by Bush, McCain and Kennedy, undermining the Constitution since (at least) 2001.