Monday, January 15, 2007

Racism Gets An "Affirmative" At The Boston Globe-Democrat

When the support for state-sponsored racism--already on the wane, thank God--has dwindled to the single digits, one of the last vestiges of modern Klanism will be the Boston Globe-Democrat. They simply cannot give up their heartfelt support for racism or the racists it benefits.

The Sunday before MLK, Jr. Day, the Globe-Democrat enthusiastically reiterated their racist ideology, a belief completely at odds with Dr. King's statement above. They shamelessly defended (and I quote) "discriminat[ing] against...people based on race, gender ethnicity or national origin," and rejected as offensive the idea that "Either America treats everyone fairly or it doesn't."

Now, obviously, the Boston Globe-Democrat doesn't support fairness and has never pretended to. They support forcing poor black kids to attend hideous public schools rather than letting those kids escape to quality private or parochial schools using the same tax dollars we're currently blowing to leave them illiterate. The Globe-Democrat also thinks it's completely reasonable to give taxpayer subsidies to a Roxbury mosque that the BG-D would find horrifying if given to a church or synagogue.

What can I say? It's the Boston Globe-Democrat: They're bigots.

What's unusual is the shamelessness of the Globe's overt racism on the weekend celebrating (I thought) racial equality.

Consider this BG-D comment from their MLK editorial:

"Proposal 2 [which bans government action based on race] is less a victory for fairness and more of a vote for inequality. Rather than helping students who need it most, the public system can merely shrug at the consequences of racism."

Think about that: If the only thing you know about two kids is that one's white and the other's black, the BG-D assumes that the black kid is the lousy student ("needs help the most"). I guess the Globe quoting Dr. King's famous "all us black folks are lazy and ignorant" speech with which the rest of us are unfamiliar.

They also call the desire by voters to treat all citizens equally an issue "drenched in controversy." Where? Other than the editorial board of a few fringe-lefty newspapers, where is the statement "equal treatment for all" even debatable, much less controversial?

The American Left has been obsessed with race for years, and that obsession is only growing stronger. Their support for open borders and amnesty for illegal immigrants would all but disappear if the folks coming here illegally were white evangelicals from Canada. Gov. Deval Patrick and Sen. Barak Obama would still be working in the private sector if not for a) their race and b) the Democratic party's open acceptance of the idea that people should, in fact, cast votes based on race.

The punchline on this entire conversation? For pointing out the Globe's support for discriminating based on race and opposing race-based government action, I am going to be called...a racist.