Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Menino's Mosque Welcomes Whack-job Wahhabi Wealth to West Roxbury

OK, OK, it's not WEST Roxbury (I'm addicted to annoying alliteration), but it's close. As the Boston Globe-Democrat and Jeff Jacoby report today, my good friends at the ISB have taken about $1 million from the Saudi-Iranian-Libyan central bank for terror support.

You remember the Islamic Society of Boston, those fine folks who tried to tried to force me to release my show prep notes and personal phone records as part of their extortionary lawsuits against the "anti-Islamic conspiracy." Yeah, right.

Regular listeners are hardly surprised at yet another link between people who support terrorism and the Islamic Society of Boston. What I still can't figure out is how Mayor Menino sees supporting the ISB with $1.8 million in tax dollars as a winning issue. How many Islamic extremists are also registered voters in the city limits of Boston? Doesn't all the drinking and prostitution drive them into the suburbs?

Whatever. We still have a mosque with ties to terror supporters being built with taxpayer support in Roxbury, and no "public servants" are willing to do anything about it.
UPDATE: Here's what everyone ought to know--and Mayor Menino already knows--about the ISB and their taxpayer-subsidized mosque in Boston.