Thursday, January 11, 2007

Trust Us, We're the Media!

No rational person can be surprised by the Mainstream Media's instant pounding of President Bush's new Iraq strategy. This knee-jerk "He must be wrong--he's BUSH!!!!" reaction is one reason why I have absolutely no sympathy for my pal Brian McGrory when he complains about our references to the Boston Globe-Democrat. (For more anti-McGrory evidence, see their juvenile editorial this morning.)

But today's Washington Post front page is a classic. Headline? Poll: Most Americans Opposed to Bush's Iraq Plan

Actual story? Well, if you read past the lede ("61 percent oppose the force increase"), you eventually get to this (apparently less relevant) tidbit:

"Support for adding troops is somewhat higher among the 42 percent of Americans who tuned into Bush's speech. "[emphasis added].

Oh, so people who didn't bother to watch the president don't like what he had to say? Wow, thanks for that helpful information.