Monday, February 26, 2007

What Have They Done With Our Governor?

Who is this man, and what has he done with our governor?

This guy--who has announced that his administration is going to actually enforce Massachusetts laws against illegal immigration--cannot be the same Deval Patrick we elected in November.
O. My. God. Halliburton got him! They've kidnapped Deval Patrick and replaced him with some kind of law-abiding, rational POD PERSON!

OUR Deval Patrick would never have admitted that state law makes it a crime to hire illegal immigrants. OUR Deval Patrick would never have agreed to enforce the law, just because it's the law.

No, the real Gov. Patrick would have announced that ", undocumented workers" are entitled to live in Massachusetts if they want to, and in taxpayer-subsidized housing if possible. The real Governor Patrick would say "Screw the law!" Just like he did with the marriage amendment.

So, the question is, where is our governor and who is this impost...wait! This just in: Gov. Patrick wants to use tax dollars to pay for $360 vaccinations for nine-year-old girls to protect against a sexually-transmitted disease.
Whew! I was getting scared there for a moment.
UPDATE: Governor, if you're willing to pony up public money to help fight the spread of human papilloma virus among girls, how about the boys? This inexpensive procedure reduces the chance of catching AIDS by 60%. Just ask Dr. de Cock.