Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"We Are NOT Methuen"

This casual statement, made by Cambridge Mayor Ken Reeves during our interview, could be the slogan of the limousine liberal class current running amok over the citizens of Massachusetts. Just four words, but they say so much.

It describes the mentality of the governing political/media class that can say, without shame, "Hey, you voters are morons. You don't know what the income tax rate should be, you don't know what the marriage laws should be, and we don't care WHAT the Constitution says, we're going to ignore you. After all, you're just from Methuen. We're from Cambridge/Beacon Hill/Milton, etc., etc."

Massachusetts voters are regularly dismissed by the Limo Lords as they gather on Beacon Hill for yet another round of tax increases, pay raises and luxury drapes. And why shouldn't they? After all, they're so much better than us peons that what they choose to do immediately becomes "good" thanks to their tireless, unchallenged liberalism.

That's what the Mayor meant by "We are NOT Methuen." We're better. We're smarter. We're morally superior. And therefore we can do what we want. No matter how much it