Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Who Will Kill More Americans This Year? Insurgents in Iraq or Illegals Here At Home?

The fact that the most liberal citizen in Massachusetts knows the answer--illegal aliens--shows just how dishonest the Left is on the issue of illegal immigration.

Every time the illegal immigration issue (
a.k.a. "entrant rights") comes up, the Left concedes the facts: yes, they're breaking the law; yes, their costing taxpayers billions; yes, they contribute to violent crimes and gang violence in our cities; yes, they clog our classrooms and hospitals.

Then they drop back to the same, two arguments: 1) "You're a racist," or 2) "You're a racist and there's nothing we can do about illegal immigration, even if we wanted to."

Obviously, both these arguments are nonsense. People who support deporting illegals from Mexico, Africa, China and Ireland obviously aren't racists, unless they're what--pro-Eskimo? And there is no evidence at all that America is the one nation in the world that can't have secure borders. All you have to do is enforce the law. That's what they do right now in Mexico, Africa, China and Ireland--and nobody in America is calling THEM racists.

Meanwhile, up to 2500 Americans are murdered every year by illegal aliens in the US. This is, apparently, an acceptable price that Sen. Kennedy, Sen. McCain and Gov. Patrick believe we must pay for the "right" to immigrate to the US illegally.

But if the Left is correct, and 3,000 dead American soldiers over 4 years is too high a price to pay to transform the Middle East, then aren't that many dead American civilians every 18 months too high a price for our open borders? How can Sen. Kennedy say "We must abandon our Iraq policy" over the deaths of men who volunteed to fight, but simultaneously push for open borders while innocent Americans who oppose open borders are murdered?

I know: My mistake is trying to make sense out of the political views of Ted Kennedy.