Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Deval's Disclaimer

This is what passes for leadership from the Cadillac of Governors:

"The views expressed by users of do not necessarily represent the views of Deval Patrick, the Deval Patrick Committee or anyone else other than the person responsible for posting them."

This disclaimer appears at the top of the "9/11--It Was Them Jews!" page at Deval Patrick's website. That conspiracy kook page is STILL UP and being paid for by the governor.

This argument--"Hey, it's not my fault that = anti-semitism. I just OWN the page"--is laughable on its face. Any rational person would agree that Patrick isn't responsible for every word posted on the blog sites of his grassroots webpage. You're always going to have a nut or two log on and show their ignorance.

But dedicated an entire section of your website to 9/11 conspiracy kookery isn't just an "oops!" moment. By including this topic up on his webpage along with property tax relief and education, Gov. Patrick is giving the 9/11 nonsense the same standing and credibility. Patrick is affirming the idiotic idea that there may HAVE been a 9/11 conspiracy and it's worth considering.

This is shameful and embarrassing, period.