Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Paranoid Kooks for Patrick

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I don't know if Rosie O'Donnell has formally joined the Deval Patrick campaign team, but given her political delusions, she could certainly be their poster child (assuming one could find a poster large enough to accommodate her).

When you go to Deval Patrick's new, updated website--you know, the one that may be violating the state's privacy laws?--you'll find this webpage quoting the same moonbat memos Rosie is reading from: 9/11 was an inside job, we tricked Iran into kidnapping the British sailors so we can invade, the Bushies blew up the World Trade Center, blah, blah, blah.

Why would Deval Patrick post this paranoid nonsense on his webpage? Is he that dependent on the Cambridge Kook Coalition for his political power? Is he thinking "Keep the loonies energized and they'll help me push through my tax increases in the legislature?"

One thing is sure: Every day Patrick leaves this hateful lunacy posted on his page with his logo, he's adding his credibility to it. If Romney's website had a page dedicated to "The Jews started the war in Iraq," he'd be held responsible for it.

Gov. Patrick, this is your website. It's not your fault that so many of the people who support you are kooks. But if you support this kookery, you know what that makes you?
UPDATE I: Be sure to note the disclaimer at the bottom of the page: "Paid for by the Deval Patrick Committee."
UPDATE II: Rational Bostonians (OK, they're actually listeners to my show...) react to the DevalPatrick.com "9/11 Was A Hoax" web page below. Keep reading!
UPDATE III: Below are actual postings from Deval Patrick supporters currently up at his official website [all typos/errors in the original].
Ryan Sullivan of Boston
9/11 was a joint Bush administration/Israeli operation. It is time America wake up and smell the thermite.
Christopher Coburg of Williamstown
The Bush Crime Syndicate MUST be stopped NOW! 911 was obviously an 'inside job.' Cui bono?

Ahmed Mohammed Shabaz of Cambridge
Thank Allah that the Governor and so many of of his supporters understand the truth about 9/11. I have personal knowledge that Bush,Cheney and Rumsfeld secretly made an agreement with Halliburton to set explosive charges at the WTC and the Pentagon and that they were ignited by Air Force planes that were in the air at the time.All peace loving peoples must demand that everyone,from Bush on down,responsible for 9/11 and the filthy crusade againt Muslims that followed,must be sent to The Hague for trial and we must demand that hanging be establihed at The Hague as the only fitting punishment for crimes of that magnitude!

Heather Lane of Boston
9/11 was the pretext for the removal of civil rights, the destruction of the Constitution and the never-ending "war on terror" that has created multi-billion dollar profits for the military industrial complex.
The USA PATRIOT ACTS I and II are eerily similar to Hitler's "Enabling Act" and if the truth does not come out, we are headed in a very dangerous direction.
Nicole Beaumier of Lawrence
Thank you SO much for speaking up about this. I am proud to have you in office and actually standing up for this!!

Tammy Erickson of Milton
PLEASE consider the evidence.Why does everyone assume certain factions within our government are telling us the truth on everything?It is not a given that everyone in the position they are in,are telling the whole truth.There is substantial evidence out there all you need to do is look into it.Follow who had the motive and who was going to profit and who had the means.Why was norad told to stand down and by who?Why did Silverstien have a huge ins. policy in the months right before? Follow the money ON ALL OF THE ISSUES OF 911.I am afraid the plans have been laid out and certain plans have been carried out,as we speak it may be too late to stop the progress in motion.You have nothing to loose if you would just look at everything.Pilots for 911 truth is a good site.Also jonesreport.com.

Don't let anyone be so quick to call almost 1 third of Americans WHICH ARE 911 truthers crazy.We love our country and frankly we know what we are up against and it scares the hell out of us.Scared to wake up and find we are living in Nazi Germany.If you know what I mean.Seriously look into it.We the people need someone to take us seriously and LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE THAT IS HIDDEN IN PLAIN SITE-PLEASE THIS IS FOR REAL AN ALL OUT S.O.S.THANK YOU

Ken Wagner of Mansfield
Those who have studied 911, know it was an inside job. Get the real terrorists. They're much closer than the average American realizes.

Jeffrey Schwartz of Brookline
9/11 Truth now is the most important issue.

Mike Evans of Abington
The people who committed the atrocities of 9/11 will never admit guilt. There will never be an official admittance. You must tell your family and friends the truth. Everyone deserves to know the truth.

Chris Carter of Boston
This issue is the key to stoping this war! Thank you for posting it!

Richard Hornick of Newton
YES a new 9/11 investigatgion is urgently needed. Just read any part of the 9/11 commission report and you'll se they were lied to! "We to this day don't know why NORAD [the North American Aerospace Command] told us what they told us," ... "It was just so far from the truth. . . It's one of those loose ends that never got tied." Thomas H. Kean, the former New Jersey Republican governor and co-chair of the 9/11 Commission.
I just heard that idiot on the air... It makes me sick to my stomach to heard such idiocy! My brother-in-law was in Building 1 when the 1st plane hit... He went outside, looked up, and witnessed the 2nd plane hit... He saw the people jumping to their deaths... He almost tripped on someone who was dead on the ground as he ran from the buildings as debris fell.... How can these idiots who watch this on TV pretend to be experts and say that it didn't happen... tell that to my brother-in-law... oh yeah, and if you do - a word of advice... duck and then run VERY VERY fast! -- John
I just tuned in. I went to the site and was infuriated with what was posted. My next door neighbor was a flight attendant on the united flight. Are my tax dollars supporting this bile? -- David.
[The good news, David, is that you are not paying for it. The bad news is that Gov. Patrick is using his own money to spread this idiocy.--mg]

I knew Coup Deval was going to be the biggest mistake this state could elect, but this is beyond my comprehension of … I just can’t find the words.... Why, please tell me why we do not have recall proceedings in this state? If this is not the straw to break the camel’s back…?--Steven in Lynn, MA

I just saw the website and it shows we got the small mind along with the small man. He probably also believes in the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny. Beware of the coupe De Ville behind the curtains should on a sign in front of the state house. --Rick in Westford

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Gov. Patrick showed up one day on The View, Rosie's daily anti-American, anti-Christian show. They seem to share the same misguided viewpoints.

I am not really surprised at his conspiracy theory website. I felt from the first day that he announced he was running for governor that he was not governor material. Just the opposite. When he began to dissemble on the Benjamin LaGuer, (convicted rapist) issue, I was convinced. The longer he remains in office, and the more "mistakes" he makes, goes to prove that my original assessment of him was correct. With him at the helm, all I can say is "God save the Commonwealth."--Jennie in Framingham