Monday, March 19, 2007

Hello, Haters!

Yes, I'm talking to all you "angry white male Americans" who listen to talk radio. In particular, you haters who support border security and hatefully demand that America's hateful immigration laws be enforced like any other law--probably by hate-filled immigration agents.

At least, that's what Ken Hartnett at the New Bedford Standard Times thinks of you. Here he is, in his own words:

You are an angry white male American, and you once thought you ruled the world; now you rule talk radio. You are unreconciled, and so you rant, and your target shifts day to day. Some days it's black people. You hate Deval Patrick. Some days it's liberals. You hate Mike Dukakis. Before him, you could drink and drive. Some days, its uppity women. You hate Hillary Clinton. Some days it's gays. You hate Barney Frank....

Oh, you know damn well why you are so angry.

You felt it was bad enough with jobs so scarce having to get in line with black people, but now it's brown people and copper-skinned people who got here by breaking the law. They're criminals. Ship them back home and spare the tears.

You hate to remember. The loss is too painful. But you are aware that everything started going downhill with people feeling sorry for the black people, who shined your shoes, washed your car, knew their place.

Now, they are in your face, competing with you, living in your neighborhood and sometimes in neighborhoods you know you can't ever afford.

They never would have gotten there on their own. Never would have challenged you. Not in a million years. It was the liberals and the Jews who got them there and legislating judges rewriting the constitution.

Got it, you haters? The only reason you want a nation of laws, a nation that applies those laws like every other nation in the world does, is because you're disgusting, hateful, white supremacists pigs!

Oh, and you're stupid, too! Why can't you be as intelligent and fact-based as Mr. Hartnett? Why do you evil talk-radio listeners always lower yourselves to name calling?

Mr. Hartnett knows. Because he's so much better than you are.