Monday, March 19, 2007

What You Don't Know About Iraq

The MSM are working overtime to give you their perspective on the war in Iraq. For example, instead of reporting that the Iraq war began four years ago this week, we get instead convoluted reporting about "the war entering its fifth year." Have you ever heard "so-and-so is beginning his 40th year" at a 39th birthday party?

Me, neither.

So you know you can't trust the MSM to report on the war honestly. That's why check websites like this, this and this to get information I know I'm never going to read in the Boston Globe- Democrat.

Nobody I know is arguing that the war has been well planned or well executed. However, there are many arguments for why the war, as difficult as it has been, is necessary.

There may be other strategies for fighting the rise of global Islamism that would work better than helping a Muslim nation in the heart of the Middle East make its way to democracy. But if it exists, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton are keeping it a deep, dark secret.

UPDATE: This is an excellent analysis of the latest poll of Iraqis.