Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lexington, MA Cracks Down On The Scourge Of...Drunk Limo Drivers!

That is the story here, right? Kids can't take limos to the Lexington High School prom anymore because of the dangers of drunk driving. Instead, girls in $5,000 prom dresses will be strap hangers on school-run trolleys or sitting in buses, otherwise they can't attend.

Are there really that many limo services using drunks as drivers? Is there some prom night tradition among limo professionals of letting the kids take the wheel for a while?

No? Then why get rid of the limos?

Some people--including several alleged education bureaucrats in Lexington--claim that the problem they're trying to solve is KIDS driving drunk to and from the prom. But that's got to be bad reporting by the media. The people who run the Lexington school system can't be that stupid.

After all, how many kids have been killed driving limos in Lexington, MA, drunk or sober? None. In fact, how many kids have died driving to and from any prom in Lexington, MA? None are mentioned in the news coverage.

It's true that one kid did die in a car accident last year, but he wasn't anywhere near a prom and the police say that alcohol MAY have contributed to the wreck but they're not sure.

So why aren't we banning kids in Lexington, MA from getting into cars? From going to parties? Why don't we put breathalyzers at every school entrance? Why not have a lab at the prom and collect urine samples at random?

When it comes to our children's safety, the only acceptable standard is irrational over-reaction! I say "Death To All Proms!"

If you don't agree, then you are killing our children.