Friday, April 13, 2007

What You're Saying About The Imus Disaster

I am a 45 year old woman who was an academic athlete at Providence College I played on the women Ice hockey and Lax team on an athletic scholarship. I was the first test to Title 9 when I played for the Watertown Public school system from 1976-79. I had to change in the public bathroom and had my parents hold my hockey bag so no one would steal it. I had to put with rants about my skills [ which by the way were darn good!] and worse my wonderful parents heard things in the stands . They always taught me stand up for what I believed in. They lead by example, they ignored the words and actions of others with pride and honor.

Those awful hurtful things said about me and to me.made me and my parents stronger because they were only words.

I write you today and say what Mr. Imus said was wrong and awful. But let me also say let he throw the first stone who is pure of fault.

For the University to allow Jesse Jackson , Al Sharpton and others to use those athletes is the largest crime. Where is the Black community to say these are only words let they Ladies play on the court and work in the class room speak for itself.

I have watched/ listened to Imus for ten years. Many things he talks about I find wrong and difficult but this man is just that, a man ,who should have known better. But he is human and has shown he is classy and a man who is truly upset by his words.

These ladies say they are scarred. These athletes are not scared. The Duke Lax team is scared. Where is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for that outrage.

It seems the world has forgiven Jackson, Sharpton and many others for the awful hurtful words they said. Why can not we forgive a man who gives so much to the few [ soldiers and kids.]

As a female athlete [ an old retired one]. I forgive hm and admire him for his actions which are more power than his one sentence. – Jane

I think your time is coming up, almost there... I will keep listening until you two put your foot in your mouth or up your a**…hey check this out, I am going to **** a big fat white check tonight, me like them hos.—Anonymous

Enjoy your show.. Having been a frequent viewer of Imus on MSNBC I could not believe a quickly the rats scurried off the sinking ship, punching holes in the sides as they jumped. David Gregory many times did he appear on that show...and then presiding over the likes of Al Sharpton and others criticizing him..such a coward.. I think Don is still looking for Harold Ford..My wife and I shocked and frightened by this turn of events and share your concern over the potential for future repression of the airways. This very brief stupid uttering was likely initialy missed by the Rutgers team. But it was doggedly repeated by the media for several days to include Al Sharpton repeating it last night on MSNBC. Sad and most disturbing.--George

I totally agree with you about the injustice Imus is facing. While I do not listen to him regularly, I wanted to do something positive before I knew about the event on Friday. I stopped and bought Imus Ranch items at the grocery store, stuff I normally wouldn't buy just to do something. If everyone bought one thing, it would show him and his opponents in a very positive way that he has plenty of support. Please put the idea out to the listeners. It made me feel less overrun by the thought police. --Sally

CBS fires Imus and the British surrender to a bunch of whack-jobs just out of the stone age. Well, at least the Iranians had machine guns and not a loud mouthed race pimp on their side. --Steve

A definite overkill on the Don Imus situation. He sincerely apologized, and of all people, a Reverend would not forgive him. For all he has done for charitable causes, he did not deserve this. Another score for the secular progressive whack jobs. Keep doing what you do, your great.--Paul from New Hampshire

I am having a great time with this, it is great entertainment to listen to all of the defenders of Imus. Its like watching a tidal wave roll up on a handful of people that ignore and continues to ignore warnings to either get out of the way or to stop doing the wrong that you do on a daily basis.

What I mean when I say this is that the majority of people out there find his (Imus) remarks deplorable and that he should pay the consequences. Imus is first, using the public airways to spew his trash, he is in a position of great influence, over many people that can’t think well for themselves, his remark was disrespectful to black people, all American women not to mention all women.

Whatever he gets, he deserves. I personally hope that he gets fired. It will most definitely get the attention of the rest of all you guys, white, black, Hispanic or whomever spews extremist rhetoric over the airways. Believe it or not, the majority of the public is sick of the extremist points of views that most of you talk radio host present.

Oh, by the way, if you haven’t heard, Imus is done! Remember now, you get what you deserve. Watch what you spew over the airways. --Dale