Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Big Lie Behind The Amnesty Bill

There are so many inaccurate statements and intentionally misleading representations about the newest McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill that you might be surprised to know that one of them stands out. In fact, the biggest lie of all is one that virtually nobody has commented upon. It was mentioned in passing--with no contradictions--by Sen. Johnny Isakson of Georgia while he was getting booed by his constituents this weekend:

“We have the opportunity and a narrow window to change what has plagued our society for 21 years." Or as many amnesty supporters put it, "We have to fix this problem."

What problem? What problem are we talking about that this bill will fix? I thought the problem was illegal immigration. This bill does nothing whatsoever to solve the problem of illegal immigration. It won't stop them from coming; it won't try to catch them once they're here; it won't deport them when they're caught.

Sure, there are a few token provisions "promising" workplace and interior enforcement one day in the future. We had those promises in 1986. It didn't happen.

Nobody, not even the McCain-Kennedy bill's most ardent supporters, believes that there will be a significant reduction in illegal immigration. Sure, more illegals might come legally through the guest worker program, but those who decide life in Michigan is better than Mexico (or Ireland or Chad) will just stay, knowing that there'll be another amnesty right around the corner.

The only problem this bill "solves" is that illegal immigrants are, er, illegal. It simply declares at least 90% of them legal by executive fiat. It doesn't change their behavior, it doesn't get back taxes or keep them from using tax-funded services. It just makes them legal.

Problem solved...if you think the way to solve the problem of "bank robbery" is to give the bank robbers a toaster if they promise to use their stolen wealth to open an account in your bank.