Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Trouble With Harry, Part III

First it was Haleigh Poutre beaten with a baseball bat. Then it was Rebecca Riley drugged to death. Both on DSS's watch, and both outrages defended by DSS Chief Harry Spence.

Now it's 18-year-old Edward Harrison,
repeately sexually assaulted by a local minister for months. Harry Spence's DSS knew about it and did what they always do: Nothing.

That Harry Spence is an incompetent oaf is beyond question. Anyone who says the DSS employees who allowed Haleigh to be beaten into a coma "have nothing to be ashamed of" is too stupid to collect a paycheck.

But Harry Spence has a boss, a boss who could fire him today. That boss is Deval Patrick. Gov. Patrick knows about Haleigh, and he gave Spence a pass. He knows about ???? Another pass. Now it's Edward Harrison and a sexual predator on the streets of Boston for months, thanks to Harry Spence.

Gov. Patrick, how many kids have to be raped, beated and killed before you do something about it? How many children have to end up on a ventilator or in a morgue before you start to care?

So far, Gov. Patrick's answer is "more than three."