Thursday, May 17, 2007

Boston to America's Taxpayers: "Thanks, Suckers!"

The price tag of the infamous Big Dig is now $15 billion and climbing, and the majority of that money--about $9 billion-- came from federal taxpayers, not local ones.

And when the most expensive public works project in American history isn't killing drivers, it's using them. And putters and irons, too.

The I-Team folks at Channel 4 have discovered an indoor driving range set up by government employees in one of the Big Dig buildings. The net is more than one story high, and its installation showed more engineering acumen than was used when 6,000 lb. slabs were suspended from tunnel ceilings with Super Glue.

Nobody's taking credit, alas, for this marvel of recreational engineering. Channel 4 reports that the driving range was either used by State Police earning overtime while "working" security at the Big Dig, or by state turnpike employees "working" at the project, or both.

Hey, for $15 billion, this tunnel OUGHT to come with a driving range, as well as tennis courts, a sauna and an Olympic sized swimming pool.