Thursday, May 10, 2007

What If The Islamists Targeted Ft. Devens Instead Of Ft. Dix?

Three of the six men being detained for their plans to bring jihad to New Jersey have something in common other than their faith. They are also in the US illegally. And they have been for more than 23 years.

During that time, they have had repeated run-ins with local law enforcement, and yet they were able to stay in the US and train for their planned attack on American soldiers.

Fortunately they were captured thanks to the help of private citizens who stepped forward and reported these would-be murderers to the authorities.

But what if....

What if, instead of New Jersey, these Islamist illegal immigrants had come to Massachusetts, perhaps to attack Hanscomb AFB or some other facility? What would have happened then?

Well, here in Massachusetts our new governor, Deval Patrick, killed a plan that would have allowed a handful of state troopers to help enforce immigration laws. As a result, the terrorists could drive around the commonwealth without fear that a traffic violation might get them deported and end their jihadist career.

In addition, they would have found a warm welcome in Cambridge, Amherst and other "sanctuary cities" around Massachusetts whose local governments greed immigration criminals like the Duka Brothers with open arms. In fact, in some towns, the terrorists might even get the opportunity to vote in local elections! Who wouldn't want these six young men casting a vote for the people who'll pick your town's next police chief?

And don't forget that terrorists do not live on bin Laden downloads alone. They gotta eat and pay the rent. Here in Massachusetts, being an illegal immigrant won't stop you from getting a job. In fact, these guys could have been working on taxpayer-funded public works projects and, if their illegal status had been uncovered, the only thing the state Attorney General would do is make sure they received prevailing wage.

Why, Governor Patrick wants these boys to have access to a U Mass education at the same tuition rate as a legal resident! Hey, who wouldn't be proud to see our tax-subsidized college chemistry classes being used by young men like these in some future Allah-inspired "science fair project" involving a back pack and a synagogue?

And don't forget their access to taxpayer-funded public housing, too!

Yes, Massachusetts under Deval Patrick couldn't be more welcoming to Islamist illegal aliens. What's amazing is that, despite what we've learned this week, the liberals running this state plan to keep it that way.