Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"I'm illegal. So what?"

So read the t-shirts of some illegal immigrants at last year's rallies for open borders and amnesty. Thanks to a few token (very token) enforcement efforts like those in New Bedford earlier this year, some illegal immigrants are actually afraid of getting caught.

Wow! Law breakers afraid of law enforcers? Now that's progress! Or maybe not...

As Michelle Malkin points out, "There are nearly three times as many officially designated illegal alien fugitives freed by the feds as there are illegal aliens who have been removed over the last year."

Meanwhile, President Bush, Sen. McCain and Sen. Kennedy continue to push for amnesty for all and law enforcement for none. Union leaders like the AFL-CIO's John Sweeney continue to screw their rank-and-file by opposing immigration law enforcement.

Illegals hear them loud and clear, which is why even AFTER they've been caught, immigration criminals like Lilo Mancia insist they're going to "stand my ground here until I win!"

The ground here is America. The ground where he's a lawful citizen is in Honduras. Does he care? No. How about the folks at ICE? No, they don't care, either. In the NYTimes today, they all but apologized that their enforcement actions targeting felons have unintentionally also caught illegal immigrants, too.

Darn! Border security agents catching people violating our border security laws. I hate when that happens!

If you're not in a lousy enough mood, you can read much more here.