Wednesday, July 18, 2007

WTKK Listeners Speak Out On The Great Debate Of The Day!

Cats vs. Dogs!

Now that science has uncovered the cat species' evil plot to manipulate poor, unsuspecting humans, the fight between Cat People and Dog People is on!

First is was Jonah Goldberg vs. John Hood. Now the listeners are speaking out:

Michael, they're both Republicans. Cats are the elite Bush group, dogs are the moderate everyday group.

As for the Dems? Theyre birds! They flock together, and sh** on everybody whether they like it or not!


Michael, they both love to lick their bums ... 'Nuff said!


Maybe it's because I'm a gay man and don't have to deal with women in relationships, but I love cats.

Cats represent the triumph of freedom over slavery. I would rather have an animal with me that stays with me because they choose to than one that stays with me because they don't know any better! Think of some of the dog owners you know. You'd have to be an idiot to be friends with one let alone live with them and serve them.

– Ken.


Speaking as a bipetual, I can say that this is my cat's world... I'm just here to open the cans.

Two things to remember:
Dogs are loyal to their people
Cats are loyal to their food


Which woman do you want to meet, the dog or the sex kitten?


Cats walk on their toilet moving around their "waste" and then jump on your kitchen table. That's all you need to know.