Monday, August 13, 2007

No, Not "Illegal"--They're "Undocumented."

They're just trying to get to work, to keep Boston's economy moving. Does it matter that they lack proper documentation? Does it really matter that what they're doing is technically illegal? Who are they really hurting?

So why, oh why, is the Boston Globe-Democrat persecuting them with
this negative, mean-spirited front-page expose'?

No, not illegal immigrants. Illegal parkers.

People without the proper documentation are parking in handicapped spots around office buildings in Boston's business districts. Some are using fraudulent documents (they actually belong to family members) to park illegally in these spots. They've got to be stopped.

Unlike people entering America without the proper documentation, or taking jobs from Americans without proper documentation, or collecting tax-funded benefits without proper documentation. That's all A-OK
at the Globe-Democrat.

Just be careful where you park.