Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All Men Are Pigs, All Women Are Insane

This is one of the Natural Truths we've discussed on my radio show (and thank God women are insane, or they'd have absolutely nothing to do with us pigs).

Add to the mountain of evidence as to the insanity of women this press release from the National Organization of Women--NY Chapter

A Hillary "gang bang?" What a repulsive idea at every level.

The NOW ladies are also really mad at Sen. Ted Kennedy and, believe it or not, their anger has nothing to do with the number of women the senator has actually killed without being prosecuted. No, they're mad that he endorsed a black candidate over a white female candidate. They call Ted's endorsement of Sen. Obama
"the ultimate betrayal!"

As opposed to the decision of NOW to endorse Deval Patrick over Lt. Gov. Kerry Healy, which was way cool and totally awesome. Because, see, when NOW endorses a black guy over a white woman, it's different from Kennedy because, uh, you see, well, that is to say.....BUSH SUCKS!

Talk radio host in Massachusetts = Best. Gig. Ever.