Thursday, January 24, 2008

Subprime Loan Victim, or Real Estate Agent?

Meet Melonie Griffiths-Evans. She's BOTH!

That's right. When this mother of three isn't defaulting on a $470,000/no-down-payment loan on a house in Dorchester, she's working as a real estate agent. So why is she facing eviction?

“I relied on my mortgage broker, I relied on my Realtor. They left me no options.”

Apparently they don't teach the "when someone hands you a lousy loan you can't afford--DON'T SIGN IT!" option in real estate class anymore.

Read the entire story in my Boston Herald column today.

Meanwhile, whackjob liberals activists t who believe the government should prevent all foreclosures threatened a physical confrontation with constables in order to keep Ms. Griffiths-Evans from being evicted. Unfortunately for responsible people everywhere, it worked.

Somewhere there's a young couple, or hungry entrepreneur who'd like to buy this house at its real market price. Somewhere there's somebody who would turn this house into a profitable, community-building investment.

Unfortunately, that person will have to fight their way through loony activists, liberal politicians and at least one real estate agent for that chance.