Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Last Time Boston and Charleston Had Words...

...the result was the Civil War.

Oooops--Sorry, South Carolina: "The War Of Northern Aggression."

Anyway, we're going to try again Friday morning from 9-10 am (without any ensuing violence, we hope) when the Natural Truth will be simulcast on 96.9 FM TALK here in Boston and
WTMA-AM 1250 in my old stomping grounds of Charleston, SC.

My former co-worker and good friend Richard Todd will be hosting the show from Charleston, while I'll be in the 96.9 FM TALK studios. We'll be taking calls from both South Carolina and New England, so if you've got advice for the voters in the Palmetto State, or just want to mock the voters of Massachusetts for re-re-re-re-electing Ted Kennedy--you'll have your chance!

There are also a couple of special guests on tap to give New Englander some real insights into what to expect in South Carolina's vital GOP primary on Saturday.

That's Friday, January 18th, from 9-10am. Be there!