Friday, January 18, 2008

Florida: It's The New South Carolina

That's my take on the SC GOP Primary at National Review today.


Because South Carolina is SO Year 2000:

Even the media coverage feels retro. Reporters hunting down anyone with a Confederate Flag and putting them on TV — despite the fact that the flag came off the SC state house dome just months after the 2000 primary. Anchors back in the studios insisting that South Carolina is the Detroit of Dirty Politics, all but begging their reporters to produce a flier headlined “McCain's Illegitimate Black Daughter Is A Tax-Raising, Pro-Choice Lesbian!”

The best the press has managed as of this writing is a ham-fisted push poll from Mike Huckabee supporters targeting Fred Thompson.


My prediction, by the way, is that John McCain will win SC, but it won't matter. Sorry, John!