Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Boston: Center Of The Universe

Want to know why it's called "The Hub?" Just read my Boston Herald column today.

One highlight for your consideration:

[Obama] knows he’s in trouble after his “win” over the Clinton Tag-Team in South Carolina, where Bill hit on the race issue like a Hooters girl at a NASCAR party. Bill pointedly (and shamelessly) remarked that “Jesse Jackson won South Carolina twice, in ‘84 and‘88.”

Obama is just lucky Al Sharpton never won any delegates there, or Bubba would have thrown them in, too.

The Clinton strategy to turn Obama from “the inspiring candidate who happens to be black” into “the black candidate” was cynical and reprehensible. But it was also smart. Obama won big in South Carolina, but his support from white voters was down 10 percent from Nevada.

The Clintons’ Southern Strategy is to turn Barack Obama into Jesse Jackson. The Kennedy response is to restore Obama’s original role as the next JFK.