Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just Don't Call Him "Articulate!"

This from John Dickerson at Slate.com:

"Clinton's support among these key demographics also provides her with her electability argument as she tries to make the case that Obama is a modern-day George McGovern—the pet rock of the party's wealthy liberal wing."

Hmmm, I wonder how Sen. Obama feels about being described as anyone's "pet rock." And while I don't want to fall into the racial hypersensitivity of the Left, isn't there an inference of tokenism in that comment? It's one thing to be the movement liberal who can't win. It's another thing to be that movement's "pet," mascot or plaything.

Then again, it could be the natural fallout of running a virtually content-free campaign as Sen. Obama is doing. When your resume is wafer thin, and your stump speech is as thin as prison camp soup, it's easy to be viewed as a dilettante. But a "pet rock?"

It's going to be an interesting race.