Monday, February 04, 2008

Me And My Big Mouth

Thanks, Bill Belichick.

Because of you, I have to vote for John [insert FCC-violating profanity here] McCain!

OK, technically speaking,
my oversized mouth and undersized mind may have played some small part in this. But while I might be a moron ("whaddaya mean 'might,' Graham?) at least I put my vote, where my mouth is. I made my call. I'm standing by it.

Now I'm going to take my medicine.


C'mon, Coach. You watch the Patriots offensive get pushed around like a PETA protester at a cattle drive for the entire first half--and make NO adjustments? The greatnest of the Patriots was the fact that they always had another way to beat you. OK, so the Giants defense dominated the front line. Fine. Then throw short, quick passes for 5-7 yards and drive down the field.



If I sound a bit upset, it's not because of football. Following the 18-1 season of the Patriots has been a blast, and watching a competitive Super Bowl is always fun. Sure, the ending was lousy, but it was also a reminder of what makes sports fun.

No, the reason I'm on suicide watch is because, thanks to Coach Beli-Choke letting the wheels fall off the best team in football, I now have to cast a vote for a pro-amnesty, anti-tax cut, global-warming-kookery supporting, anti-Alito, ideologically-irrational, reckless and arrogant jerk who has openly stated he supports gutting the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

And you think Tom Brady's having a bad day?

One final note: I've received a few emails from listeners urging me to go back on my word and vote against McCain tomorrow anyway. I assume these are new listeners to the show. Sorry--ain't gonna happen.

Trying to get me to go back on my word is a low-percentage play. Ask the folks at CAIR.

But all is not lost. Keep in mind that I made, not one, but two predictions: The Patriots would be unbeatable in the Super Bowl AND Mitt Romney is a lock here in Massachusetts. If I didn't firmly believe both of those predictions, I never would have gone so far out on a limb.

As of this morning, the RealClearPolitics polling average has Mitt Romney up in Massachusetts by 25%.

I may be dumb, but I'm not (that) stupid.