Friday, March 07, 2008

Discovering The Religion Of Peace

This young man is learning firsthand about the validity of President George W. Bush's mantra that "Islam is a religion of peace." Eight innocent students, many of them high schoolers, had a fatal encounter with Islam's version of peace in Jerusalem yesterday.

This excellent post by Tom Gross is a great reminder of the Palestinians' commitment to peace as expressed on 9/11/01. And, as press accounts confirm, citizens in Gaza danced in the streets yesterday over the news of the Jerusalem murders. Seven of the eight victims were teenagers.

No doubt the pro-terror Lefties here in Massachusetts like former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Grace Ross and infamous Andover High teacher Ron Francis will defend the gunmen who shot down these kids as acting in "self defense." After all, didn't Israel launch attacks into Gaza that resulted in many deaths?

Yes, they did. And every rational person understands why the nation of Israel took this legitimate military action. Since Israel's withdrawal from Gaza, Hamas terrorists (until President Obama takes them off the terrorist list, anyway) have fired more than 2,000 missiles, rockets, and mortars at hospitals and homes in Israel. They've already attacked Israeli civilians 500 times this year.

Gaza is not "occupied" by Israel. It isn't controlled by Israel. If they wanted, the Palestinians could turn Gaza into a healthy, functioning community.

Instead, Hamas spends its time trying to blow up innocent families in Israel and the people of Gaza cheer them on.

Would the US allow terrorists in Canada or Mexico to fire even TWO missiles into Bangor, ME or El Paso, TX? Would be avoid taking out these missile sites if the terrorists were cowardly enough to place them in neighborhoods--particularly neighborhoods that welcomed and supported this murder?

A nation that uses its military to defend against missile attacks targeting civilians--that's self-defense. Two guys who sneak into a school to gun down Jewish teenagers--that's terrorism.

If you can't tell the difference, you're probably a member of the faculty at Harvard University.
UPDATE: But if you are beginning to doubt Islam's status as the "religion of peace," Harvard University will be hosting a speaker this Sunday to ease your mind. Sheik Jihad will be lecturing at Harvard.
As regular emailer Steve asks: "I wonder if my buddy the Reverend Crusader can get a speaking gig at Harvard, too?"