Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Harvard = "Sharia U."

I've spoken out and written about Harvard's horrible record when it comes to embracing anti-Semites and terror sponsors, and yet it still amazes me to review the record.

My Boston Herald column today was inspired by the decision at Harvard to impose sharia swimtimes at the Q-RAC, but that story in and of itself is merely annoying. The real scandal at Harvard--or what would be a scandal if anyone in the Boston media had the guts to cover it--is the millions of dollars they've taken from terror sponsors, and the welcome they give terror-supporting thugs like the former president of Iran.

We know Harvard will ban boys from the gym in order to accommodate Muslim fundamentalists. But how many Jews do you have to help murder before Harvard will ban YOU?
As of right now, Harvard's answer is "more."
UPDATE: If you're worried about creeping Islamism at the national level, this Harvard professor who's a senior foreign policy advisor to Barack Obama should also be very worrying to you.