Monday, March 10, 2008

Your--And Sen. Obama's--Must-Read Of The Day

This photo tells more truth about the Palestinians and Israel than any you'll ever get from Barack Obama.

The folks in this picture are celebrating the murder of eight students at a religious school in Jerusalem--one of them an American citizen. Don't you love the dad in this picture, who rushed into the streets with his kid in one hand and a gun in the other? "Celebrate, my son. More dead Jews!"

It takes a village to raise a new generation of terrorists...

Michael Goodwin in the New York Daily News absolutely nails this story, and points out just how irrational and foolish the Barack Obama "all we need in the Middle East is a hug" approach truly is:

We have gotten so numbed to the endless violence in the Mideast that we often close our minds as well as our eyes. If we have any response at all, it is something like, "Why can't those people just get along?"

The answer lies in the sickening contrast of Thursday's massacre and celebration. They can't get along because too many Palestinians embrace a culture of death. It is a culture stuck in the Dark Ages of ancient hatreds and unspeakable violence.

The evidence lies in missing pictures. Why no photos of Palestinians marching to condemn the massacre? Where are the Palestinian young people sympathizing with
dead and maimed students their own age? Where are the Palestinian parents grieving for the Israeli parents who lost their children?

Unfortunately, those are the easiest questions to answer: There were no pictures of sad Palestinians because there were no marches or wide expressions of sympathy.