Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Just Because I Wrote It Doesn't Mean I READ It...

Last year, the folks at Politico.com ran across a candidate questionnaire from Barack Obama's 1996 campaign for the Illinois state senate. In it, Obama answered questions about whether he supported parental consent or even notification before a minor received an abortion (he answered "no"); supported the death penalty ("no"); or supported state legislation to "ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns." (Obama said "yes")

When Politico.com asked Sen. Obama about these radical, far-Left positions, Barack's campaign claimed that he "never saw or approved" the questionnaire. They also claimed that a staffer filled it out and simply got the answers wrong. Sen. Obama, they claimed, knew nothing about it.


Turns out that, not only did Sen. Obama know about it, he was actually interviewed by the liberal group that sent out the survey. Those answers were then written down, reviewed and amended by Sen. Obama--in his own handwriting!

So how does Sen. Obama explain his claim that he knew nothing about the questionnaire and the answers weren't his?

According to Politico:

"Obama, who won the group's endorsement as well as the statehouse seat, did not dispute that the handwriting was his. But he contended it doesn't prove he completed, approved--or even read[!]--the latter questionnaire."
(emphasis added)

So let me get this straight: Sen. Obama attended a racist, anti-Semitic, anti-American church for 20 years...but he never heard the pastor say anything controversial. He sat for an interview, wrote on the subsequent questionnaire, submitted it to a far-Left organization, got their endorsement...but he never READ the questions or approved the answers?

Does anyone really believe that? Isn't the easier, simpler and more obvious conclusion that Sen. Obama is simply lying? Instead of suffering from some bizarre form of ADHD, where Barack suddenly lapses in and out of consciousness during church services and interviews, isn't it far more likely that a)Sen. Obama supported Rev. Wright for 20 years and was proud to be a member of the church, until he got caught; and b) really did have far-Left positions on guns, abortion and the death penalty, until he got caught?

Which brings us to the final question: Is there any lie so big that a Barack Obama supporter won't swallow it? Thus far, the answer is "no." And unlike Barack, you can quote me on that.