Thursday, March 27, 2008

Deval Patrick Throws Himself Under The Obama Bus

Is there anyone supporting Sen. Barack Obama who doesn't end up under the Hate Talk Express? As I mentioned at the time, Sen. Obama's speech about race threw more people under the than a 90-year-old driver plowing through a farmer's market. Sen. Obama let us know what everyone else had done wrong--white people, black people, talk show hosts, his own grandmother, etc.--without ever admitting he was wrong to attend a racist, anti-Semitic church for 20 years.

But our own Governor, Deval Patrick, has taken this storyline to a new level. In today's NYTimes, he throws HIMSELF under the bus.

The Times story is about the clear and obvious parallels between Deval "Together We Can" Patrick and his partner in plagiarism, Barack "Yes We Can" Obama. Two unaccomplished candidates running for offices they are clearly unqualified for; two candidates who, if they were white, wouldn't have a prayer of winning their party's nomination; two candidates running on vague, vacuous platitudes about hope and change.

And, as the Times points out, Gov. Patrick's administration has been a dud. Is there a lesson here about a potential Obama administration?

"Mr. Patrick dismissed the comparison, saying Mr. Obama had far more political experience than he, and he defended his own record." [emphasis added]

NOW he tells us! So Deval Patrick, trying to defend the most inexperienced presidential candidate in 150 years, finally admits what I spent all of 2006 pointing out--he was never qualified to be governor himself.

"You think Obama's clueless," Patrick is essentially saying, "you oughtta look at MY record! I make him look like Adlai Stevenson!"

Thanks, Deval. Thanks alot.