Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Has Hillary Joined The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?

When lunatic femi-Nazi Barbara Ehrenreich wrote an article for The Nation alleging that Hillary had joined a secret, right-wing religious cult in Washington, I ignored it. The Nation + Ehrenreich = "Painful lack of credibility."

But now, I'm not so sure.

We now know that Mrs. Bill Clinton was a closet supporter of NAFTA and is today, like Sen. Obama, lying about her support.

Then there's the photo above, featuring Mrs. Clinton and infamous VRWConspirator Richard Mellon Scaife. (And is that Agent Scully peering over her corner in the very back?)

But the strongest evidence that Mrs. Clinton has abandoned the Left is her willingness to criticize Sen. Obama regarding his relationship with Rev. Wright.

Hillary Clinton has touched the real third rail of American "progressive" politics: race. Her attacks on Sen. Obama amount to a rejection of the rules of the Left, namely that people in various racial and other identity groups are never to be criticized on issues related to that group. Rev. Wright is a racist, black-power preacher. Sen. Obama is a black parishioner at his church.

Therefore, the good liberal thing to do is say "well, black people have a different perspective, blah, blah, blah" and ignore the irrational, racist rantings coming from the church.

Mrs. Bill Clinton has broken the deal. She's treating Sen. Obama like an adult who should be held responsible for his own actions, rather than making condescending race-based excuses for his shameful behavior. This is UNHEARD OF for a liberal politician, particularly one who's trying to win a Democratic primary.

Hillary Clinton, lying about Bosnia. That's dog bites man.

But Hillary Clinton, telling the truth about the racism of a black pastor during a Democratic primary? That's man bites, kills and eats, dog.