Thursday, March 20, 2008

"I'm An Obama Supporter, But..."

This email from Mary Anne reflects how every serious-minded person should react to what we now know about Sen. Barack Obama:

I am an Obama supporter and have been one for quite sometime. But I am VERY disturbed by his judgement (or lack of judgement) regarding his choice of church. What's going on these days with people who should know better (e.g. Spitzer, etc). What are they thinking -- not much I guess.

I know you will think me stupid and misguided, but I am not ready to give up on Obama quite yet. Please believe me that I am not a kook and am actually quite reasonable. I also like John McCain very much but my problem with him is that I think his time has come and gone and do you really want a 72 year old, "Q-tip" for president? I detest Mitt Romney but almost wish he were still in the race. I just want someone dynamic and intelligent who won't get us into any more wars but will take care of this country, and someone that we can proud of in representing us to the rest of the world.

I guess my question for you about Obama is, if he hates America so much why is he running for President? Why would someone want to put themselves through the torture that one goes through in this country in order to be president. I don't think many people could stand up to the scrutiny. And what are people so afraid of with Obama -- that he will install the Black Panthers in the Cabinet? Now that would be interesting (do they even still exist -- I'm showing my age. I digress, but when I was in high school in the early 70s we had a black panther come and speak at our school -- can you imagine -- and I was so impressed that I went home and told my mother how great the guy was. Keep in mind that I am white from an Italian American family. My mother almost hit the roof but let me stay in the school).

Anyway, you make me angry a lot of the time but this reasonable moderate Democrat will continue to listen.

Anyone who knows how Sen. Obama spent the past 20 years worth of Sundays and isn't re-considering their support for him should be ashamed of himself. Even if you conclude that he's still the best candidate in the bunch (and that ain't sayin' much), this new information has to be taken seriously. Anyone who doesn't has consumed far more Kool-Aid than the Recommended Democrat Allowance.

It is frightening, however, to watch as supposedly intelligent people in the media try to portray any concern about Sen. Obama's support for a racist church as a sign of racism in the concerned. How can any thoughtful voter NOT be worried about electing a president who brings this theology to the White House?

I'm not asking anyone to abandon Sen. Obama. I'm simply asking you to take his serious failings...well, seriously.