Friday, March 14, 2008

Barack's Escape Attempt

The Jeremiah Wright is getting uglier and uglier as more of theology Barack Obama has been listening to for twenty years reaches the rest of America. The rest of America would have gotten up and walked out years ago.

The latest is Rev. Wright's claim that the US government invented AIDS as a way to kill black people. Gee, I wonder what Sen. Obama thought when he heard that?

And yet, Sen. Obama continues his support of Rev. Wright, and he remains a member of the Barack Obama campaign committee. How does he defend his 20-year relationship with this racist, anti-Semitic loony?

He refuses to answer the question. Here's the official statement:

“Senator Obama has said before that he profoundly disagrees with some of the statements and positions of Reverend Wright, who has preached his last sermon as pastor at the church. Senator Obama deplores divisive statements whether they come from his supporters, the supporters of his opponent, talk radio, or anywhere else.”

Huh? What's that got to do with Rev. Wright's longstanding career as a preacher of racist division and as Sen. Obama's personal pastor? And how the heck did they drag those of us in talk radio into this mess?

Saying "I didn't agree with Hitler's specific comment on Thursday" is not the answer to the question "What were you doing at all those weekly Nazi Party meetings for the past 20 years?"

No, Rev. Wright isn't a Nazi. He's just a hate-spewing racist. No, not every sermon railed against the evils of whiteness, the "Zionists" of the "terror state" of Israel or the government's secret plot to infect black men with HIV. But some Klan rallies used to focus on marriage and family values, too. Does that mean that a member of the KKK could be the Democratic nominee for president, as long as he pointed out that he sometimes disagreed with the Grand Dragon?

If the media let Sen. Obama get away with this, it will be a new low for an industry whose credibility is already on life support. All they have to do is ask Sen. Obama why he spent so much time and money supporting a pastor and church that openly promoted racism and bigotry.

Easy question. Unfortunately, it's too hard for CBS or the New York Times to ask.