Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Bush Lied, Mrs. Spitzer Cried!"

Yep, the Obamaniacs at DailyKos know who's REALLY responsible for the Spitzer Scandal:

"But I have a very discerning internal alarm. and that alarm tells me that this story only hit the news because the NSA, or the FBI...was snooping on this guy because he is so on the record as a trust buster and corporate cop.

Mark my words...this has the Bush Administration's fingerprints all over it...and if the MSM digs a little deeper, they will find what Congress is afraid to look for...evidence that Bush's wiretap program has less to do with terrorists than it has to do with political foes."

In fact, it's probably the same hooker who distracted the guards at the World Trade Center while the Mossad agents planted the explosives!