Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What Is She SUPPOSED To Say?

The AP headline says it all: Clinton Declines Comment on Spitzer.

Does she have a choice? What can Mrs. Bill Clinton possibly say? "I can't support men who hire hookers. I only support men who have sex with their 21-year-old interns?"

Or how about "Public service means control your personal urges...unless you're married to me?"

The mainstream media are trying desperately to avoid the Clinton connection in this story, but it is a disaster for her campaign. Nobody who lived through the Monica mess could watch Spitzer humiliating his wife on national TV yesterday without thinking of Bill Clinton. Across America, disgusted voters glanced at their televisions and asked themselves "Do I really want to do THAT again?"

And you know that if Bill Clinton returns to the White House, it will happen again.

It is widely known in New York that President Clinton already has a regular squeeze on the side. Given his utter lack of self-control while president, does anyone really expect his behavior to improve while he's the First Sidekick?

But don't blame Hill's problems all on Bill. She's the one who humilated herself by trying to blame her husband's perjury and pants problems on the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. She's the one who has never held her husband responsible for his insulting and demeaning behavior towards herself and so many other women. She's the woman who chose, out of crass political ambition, to remain married to the only sitting president about whom serious allegations of rape have ever been brought.

If she had made different choices, if she had shown personal integrity in the past, the Spitzer story could have helped Mrs. Clinton's campaign. Instead, it's a blow right across the kneecaps.

What is Hillary Clinton supposed to say about the behavior of her booster and pledged superdelegate Elliot Spitzer? The only thing she CAN say:

"Hookers in a hotel room? Coulda been worse."