Thursday, March 13, 2008

Barack Obama's Pastor, Unplugged.

And "unhinged," "unglued" and unrelentingly racist.

ABC News has posted a story with video links about the man Sen. Barack Obama claims keeps him spiritually centered, the Senator's personal pastor and the man who led him to Christ, Jeremiah Wright.

FOX News has also a story and clips, too. Be sure to check out the link to Sen. Obama's church, too.

For me, the most astonishing statement isn't Rev. Wright's claim that America deserved 9/11 (five days after the towers fell), or calling America the "US of KKK," or calling Israel a terrorist nation, or preaching that "whiteness" is a moral or spiritual failing, etc. No, the jaw-dropping statement is that Sen. Barack Obama doesn't find the church's teaching particularly controversial.

Really? So what WOULD be controversial, Sen. Obama--preaching on behalf of concentration camps and the moral validity of Al Qaeda?

For 20 years, Sen. Obama has attended this church, led by this pastor. For 20 years, one of Sen. Obama's most valuable political and spiritual mentors has been Rev. Jeremiah Wright. For 20 years, Sen. Obama heard this hatred and ignorance. And every week for 20 years, Sen. Obama chose to come back for more.

If a Republican candidate attended just one service at a church preaching the gospel of the KKK 20 years ago, that candidate couldn't win the nomination of the GOP. He couldn't get picked as a running mate.

Sen. Obama is still a member of Rev. Wright's church. He has yet to reject his support or denounce his theology.

But can he? How can Sen. Obama say with any credibility "After 20 years, it finally dawned on me that my pastor is a racist moron." Wouldn't you have noticed during his FIRST sermon denouncing white people, 19 years and 51 weeks ago?

If Sen. Obama had attended this church for awhile, and then left, I would say "big deal." Instead, according to the New Yorker, in 2006 the Obamas gave $22,000 to the Rev. Wright to continue spewing his hatred.

Any person who listens to this nonsense and continues to attend that church for 20 years is not fit to be president. Any voter who casts a ballot to send a member of this church to the White House should be ashamed.
UPDATE: Rev. Jeremiah "US of KKK" Wright has a formal position on Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign as a member of his African American Religious Leadership Committee.