Thursday, March 13, 2008

"The Most Insufferably Self-Righteous Egomaniac In The World."

I had the pleasure, and I mean that sincerely, of being named one of Keith Olbermann's "Worst People In The World." I wore it as a badge of honor coming from a guy who is, and I also mean this sincerely, mentally unstable.

I know several people who have worked at MSNBC, and he is widely regarded as a ranting lunatic by his co-workers. That theory is more than confirmed by just watching his show.

But even by Olbermann standards, last night's Official Olbermann Declaration To Sen. Clinton was a startling excursion into egomaniacal lunacy. (Watch it yourself using the link.)

He compares the rhetoric of the Clinton campaign to "David Duke." Hillary has fallen into the "filth," he pleads with her to save herself from the forces of evil. If Hollywood were still making bad melodramas ala the 1930s, Olbermann's script would get cut for being too overwrought.
Here is my question: What is more bizarre, his foaming-mouthed tirade about Geraldine Ferraro's dopey-but-hardly-extreme comments, or the fact that he thinks so much of himself that he's lecturing a US Senator on national TV?

I can't call it arrogance, anymore than I can call it "rudeness" when the street-roaming lunatic who keeps interrupting my cell phone call by screaming "The Thetans are coming!" at me. Insane people aren't responsible for their actions. Keith Olbermann's self-love has reached the point of psychosis.
Olbermann doesn't need to be mocked. He needs to be medicated.