Friday, March 14, 2008

Obama Defenders Speak Out!

Name:Darwin Phillips
Subject: Black Churches
I can barely believe your ignorance and arrogance w/ respect to Black People & our Churches, if you are not a complete coward or fool, you would do well to go to a Black Church of your choice for at least a few months, the sign of an ignorant man or a Racist is that he or she spouts off about issues that they have absolutely no clue about, and will never listen to anothers point of view, proven by the way you all become angered and frustrated by people who are not of your opinion and shut the call down, then you spew disdain on them nonstop when they cannot rebut, but understand no matter what you are able to learn in a Black Church you will never be able to relate to being Black, Hispanic or Native American, you should really stop referring to all Black Churches as Anti-American they are not, we may appear to be anti-caucaision regarding many of you and for some of you that is just good judgement, you and your cohorts should walk a mile in the Moccasins of others befor you run your ignorant and arrogant mouths, It is understood that people such as yourselves are terribly afraid of Barack.

From: Linda
Subject: It's not a racist church
Michael you are wrong. This man is speaking from the Bible. The Romans WERE evil. Everyone who knows history KNOWS the Romans were BARBARIC! He is speaking of his EXPERIENCE! Something you have NONE of! You have never been a black man in the United States of America. Hillary will never know that, you will never know that. You will never know what it feels like to be called a "n*****", to be pulled over because you are black. I'm not an Obama supporter, but I am a BLACK woman. And I do know what it means to live in AmeriKKKa and be called a "n*****". This is that man's experience, something he has lived, that he has felt - something you will NEVER experience and you will NEVER understand. I understand his speak, I understand his pain when he speaks. Because I HAVE EXPERIENCED it.

Name: Mike
Subject: Black Power!

Comments: Dear Mike, I think you're purposely spinning the story to foster tension among the Democrats, and excessively dragging this out longer than the norm.. We eagerly excused Mitt Romney's Judge Kathe M. Tuttman, for making bad decisions, that lead to people dieing, but here you are crucifying Oboma, for a preacher that speaks his mind.. How are you being fair or logical?


Maybe you need to visit some fundamental churches. EVERY homosexual is a deviant...Don't you think that's racist? Women CANNOT do things.only men, does that sound racist to you? Does to me. & what about the Catholics? People sit in their churches for year s& years.while their kids are abused by the priests & the church covers it up...sorry you lost me on this one..Do you think Obama's church is the only one promoting some kind of "racism". Last I checked I haven't seen any human lately who can walk on water...which means we're all capable of incredible stupidity, dishonesty, & plain evil.


Name: Mark
Subject: Your Show Today
Pathetic!!! Comparing Barak Obama to Farakan. You call his minister a racist. I won't get into the racist definition, but you are definitely fanning racial hatred. Why do you have to go after character assasination instead of issues. Yopu are convicting Obama based on some exerpts from the minister of his church. Pathetic. That doesn't pass any credibility test. You need to think about the impact of what you are doing.


The relationship between Obama and Wright is no different than you and your evangelical upbringing. Although I don't know definitively how long you attended an evangelical sect, but you did allude to your college years at a rate of 5 times a week. It was the same evangelical crazies that blamed Katrina on Ellen Degeneres. Do you support these views? Are you a bigot, a misogynist, a racist? Can we now judge you by your spiritual affiliation?

You do what all right wing radio tools do: You put your listeners in a position of defense when you bring up these subjects. It is actually you that are racist. You are the one that is perpetuating racism by trying to juxtapose a fellow racist preacher to a candidate that you know will win the election. The right wing smear campaigns are on the march! That's what you do best...I would like to hear a show from you that talks about McCain's positive attributes. I don't think you can do this, because you are stuck in your own black and white conservatism, and know you are backed into a corner. Conservatives for the first time are experiencing the "gray area" and complexity that liberals know so well.