Friday, March 14, 2008

Racism: Obama Supporters Know It When They See It

I don't pretend to be as brilliant as the average American liberal. I acknowledge that my confusion regarding Sen. Barack Obama's support for Rev. Jeremiah Wright's racist, hate-spewing theology is possibly a failure of intellect on my part.

So I am asking, my Lefty friends, for your help.

Here's the score thus far:

Geraldine Ferraro points out that there is a connection between Sen. Obama's campaign success and his race, and Lefties like foaming-mouthed maniac Keith Olbermann denounce the "David Duke rhetoric" of the Clinton campaign. OK....

Sen. Clinton runs a TV ad about phone calls to the White House at 3am, and liberal academic Orlando Patterson says in the New York Times

"when I saw the Clinton ad’s central image — innocent sleeping children and a mother in the middle of the night at risk of mortal danger — it brought to my mind scenes from the past. I couldn’t help but think of D. W. Griffith’s 'Birth of a Nation,' the racist movie epic that helped revive the Ku Klux Klan, with its portrayal of black men lurking in the bushes around white society. The danger implicit in the phone ad — as I see it — is that the person answering the phone might be a black man, someone who could not be trusted to protect us from this threat."[emphasis added]

So the "3 a.m." ad is a racist attack for which Sen. Clinton should be held responsible? OK....

And now we know that, for 20 years, Sen. Barack Obama himself has attended and financially supported a pastor who has openly preached racism and anti-semitism. This racist pastor is, right now, a member of Sen. Obama's campaign committee, despite the fact that, just last year, he gave an award to Louis Farrakhan last year.

But that DOESN'T mean that Sen. Obama is either a racist or supports racism, because...

And that's where you lose me.

If you're denouncing Geraldine Ferraro racism because of a comment she made about Jesse Jackson 20 years ago, then what about the fact that, every week during that same 20 years, Barack Obama has been listening to sermons on the evil of "whiteness" and the "terrorist state" of Israel?

If Geraldine Ferraro is bad, how can Barack Obama be good?

If you can make that add up, you're obviously a lot smarter than I. Either that, or you're a hypocritical moron.

So I am extending an open invitation to every Barack Obama supporter at BMG, Daily Kos, etc. to simply explain--in small words that an intellectually challenged person like myself can understand--how your current position makes sense.

I will happily post the answers on this very webpage.

And please--show your work.