Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sen. Obama Doesn't Really BELIEVE That "Black Power" Stuff, Does He?

Gee, I dunno. Why don't you read the "Black Power System" theology of Trinity United Church of Christ that Sen. Obama had to personally affirm in order to be a member.

What the heck is Sen. Obama's call to "disavow middle classness?" According to Vallmer Jordan, a church member who helped draft the Black Values System, they were designed to empower the black community and counter a value system imposed by whites.

"Any black person who identifies himself as middle-class psychologically withdraws from the [black] group and becomes a proponent of strengthening and sustaining the [white] system."

All over America, we evil, middle-class white people can only hope Sen. Obama will heal our souls. And who knows--with his economic policies, Sen. Obama might even wipe out the middle class altogether!

We can only hope.