Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Barack Obama's "Under The Bus" Speech

Thanks to a speech that some nitwit actually compared to the oratory of Abraham Lincoln (!), we now know the truth. Sen. Barack Obama did attend a church where hate, ignorance and bigotry were preached...and it's all your fault.

I explain why in my Boston Herald column today. I also urge you to take a moment to read Sen. Obama's speech for yourself. Consider his ideas and his arguments.

But as you do, keep reminding yourself of the question that Sen. Obama was supposedly answering for the voters: "What were you doing for 20 years, sitting in that pew and listening to that nonsense?"

As I mentioned in the column, his answer in the speech was "everybody else is racist, too." But going back and re-reading Sen. Obama's comments for the third time, there is a word that is glaring in its absence:


Oh, Sen. Obama used it quite a bit. The Rev. Wright was wrong on one or two details about American life. Wright's critics are wrong to overlook all the good things that the racist minister did when he wasn't spouting Black Liberation idiocy. The American people, black and white, have handled race relations all wrong.

The one person in all of America, apparently, who hasn't gotten anything wrong? Barack Obama.

Like Dick Cheney seeking the ideal vice presidential candidate for George W. Bush, Sen. Barack Obama has searched the land for a single, righteous man on the issue of race--and found himself alone.

The man who has given tens of thousands of dollars to support the radical, racial extremism of Jeremiah Wright; the man who personally signed onto the "Black Values System" of Trinity, a system whose founders happily admit is based on racial division and the idiocy of "Black Liberation Theology"; the man who attended this racist church and brought his children there for 20 years; the man who is a member of that church to this day, and who continues to embrace Rev. Wright publicly.

This is the one righteous man on race in America?

Please. Surely we can do better than this, can't we?

With all due respect to Sen. Obama, he is utterly insulting and wrong to accuse everyone else in the country of sharing his tolerance for bigotry and ignorance. Not only is he wrong to say that everyone in America hears and, at some level, shares in this racism, I don't know a SINGLE PERSON who would have sat through the stupidity that Trinity UCC offered up as the gospel for 20 minutes, much less 20 years.

Sen. Obama is uniquely unqualified to confront the issue of race, because he has shown a unique level of poor judgment and lack of character.

If you truly care about race relations in America, then you cannot vote for Barack Obama.
UPDATE: Michael Gerson of the Washington Post notices the same key problem I did.