Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Feelin' The Love

Another fine Massachusetts liberal puts his principles into action, and shares the experience via email:

I suffer the unfortunate burden of never being able to escape your coulter-esque horses**t after leaving charleston, sc, where your useless articles were published in the Charleston City Paper (i proactively ripped your column out of every paper i could find, forget free speech in your case) i moved to boston only to have the occasional accidental five second stay on 96.9 during your awful show when flipping throught he channels. for the good of all people, or at least your poor kids who must be the most hated young republican geeks at school, get out of the media, of the air, and into a hole. i loathe the thought of you polluting the air in my beloved home state of MA.

My favorite part of that email is the "forget free speech" comment. Ever notice how quickly Lefties rise above their own principles?

Then there's this note from a Global Warming kook, in response to my report that global temperatures have been flat since 1998:

PLEASE stop talking about things you don't understand. YOUR perception of a trend since 1998 doesnt mean anything. Climate isnt about 5 or 10 year trends and global warming doesn't mean that every year must be warmer than the last. Global Warming (climate change) wasnt invented by Al Gore or the environmental movement and the science behind global warming is the result of thousands of man hours of peer reviewed research. It is sad that someone as ignorant as you has a microphone in front of him...please go back to stand-up....The eight warmest years in the GISS record have all occurred since 1998, and the 14 warmest years in the record have all occurred since 1990.

What I love about this email is the combination of arrogance and cluelessness. It's one thing to have virtually no facts about the current state of global temperatures, but to be so wrong and then send out obnoxious emails about it is, well, priceless.

As I've already shared with you on this blog, NASA has updated its figures on global temperatures, correcting previous errors. The warmest year on record is 1934. Five of the 10 warmest years were before 1954. And temperatures have been flat since 1998, despite ever-increasing levels of carbon in the atmosphere. In fact, the biggest 12-month drop in temperatures ever recorded is happening right now.

You'd think that someone who lacked these basic facts will be a bit more modest. But the angry Left doesn't do modesty. They do outrage.