Saturday, March 22, 2008

And STILL They Defend Barack Obama

The emails just keep on comin', folks! People who are so desperate to defend their far-Left politics that they are willing to embrace racism, irrationality and heapin' helpings of hatred of their own country.

The top of that list is uber-buffoon Keith Olbermann, who's only purpose in media life at this point is self-parody. The folks at Olbermann Watch ("we watch, so that 99.9% of Americans can continue NOT to") have a wonderful montage mixing Kooky Keith's foaming-mouthed attack against Hillary Clinton re: the Geraldine Ferraro "fiasco" and his defense of Sen. Obama's ongoing support for Rev. Wright.

But we've got plenty of own own defenders of Sen. Obama right here in Massachusetts:

Name:Barry from Newton
Subject: Your grotesque misrepresentation
Your purposefully grotesque mischaracterization of what Barak Obama has said, has written and has done with his life is so nauseating and to beyond belief. You and your loathsome colleagues and your all-hate-all-the-time would have been the first to chime in with the hate mongers of another generation who called Lincoln the Original Ape. You sorry freaking Nazis-in-waiting have been wrong about everything you have been feeding your brain dead listeners since the war began. The WMD's, the Al Queada connection, Mission Accomplished, the economy is strong, a few dead enders - what a load a crap. And what a disgrace you are to the white race, to Christians, to animate objects in general. Graham Cracker - you make my gorge rise - you fat piece of garbage.


Let's face it as bad as Obama might be relative to these slight diatribes or minutiae.Obama is better than Hillary!

The Bush policies under McCain cannot be tolerated. To be honest with you, as a white Anglo catholic, socially conservative from the white
town of Hamilton, I agree with some of what Pastor Jeremiah was preaching. Race matters and that's why Obama will win this fall. The people are tired of the same ol tired ass typical white folk.

Hamilton, MA


At no point in time did the Reverend say that America deserved 9/11. You are trying to interpret his words, which is fine; but you're blatantly off.

If any interpretation is made, it is clear that he was saying that we can't go over to other countries, bomb and kill their innocent civilian people (even for valid nationalistic reasons) and NOT expect foreign nations, or foreign people (even fundamentalists) to come over here and attempt to kill our innocent for what those foreigners and nationalists and fundamentalists consider their own valid reasons. We don't agree with why Al Queda attacked us on 9/11 and I'm sure those who are linked to Hiroshima, Cambodia, Iraq and other nations we've attacked don't agree with why or the level in which we attacked their countries.

Additionally, there's a level of the H-word present here; hypocrisy... When Romney was running, conservative supporters wanted us to give him a fair shake. We were told to dismiss the former teaching of his faith, although there are still fundamentalist Mormons who still hold some of those beliefs. But even more, when he held his SPEECH (also not a press release) to speak about his faith, you all told us… "Well, it's time to shut that up. He addressed his faith... he put it out in the open... we should believe what he says... now let's move on…"

Why is it so hard to let this go now that Senator Obama has made it plain that he categorically rejects the Reverend's sentiment. Senator Obama was with the Reverend for 20 years; Romney's been a Mormon all of his life. If you've read anything the Senator Obama has ever written, none of it points to or connects to anything Wright has stated. You want him to go through every single comment, take a lie detector test, and admit or reject his allegiance through those thoughts. Do the work and research his own words and thoughts over the past 20 years. If you find a connection with any agreement to Reverend Wright's thoughts, then you have a case… otherwise, do what you asked the looney lefts and the wacky rights to do with Romney sans his speech… let it go!

Jonathan in Dorchester.