Wednesday, April 02, 2008

You Don't HAVE To Be Crazy To Be A Liberal, But... certainly seems to be the trend here in the Loonybin of Massachusetts. Check out this letter to the editor in the Newburyport Daily News. A few highlights to remind you of the intellectual prowess of many Barack Obama supporters:

"The presidential candidacy of a black man is going to expose the people currently running the Republican Party for what they really are: a group of white, elitist, money-grubbing, power-hungry racists. I do not think of all Republicans this way, just those currently running the party. The party has polled its members to find out exactly how racist they can get when attacking Obama in the general election...[emphasis added] "

And what about Sen. Obama's 20-year membership in a racist, anti-American church?

"Regarding Obama and Pastor Wright: We all have friends who have views that are different from our own. We don't shun, disavow or disown a friend because they make comments we don't agree with."

So he thinks the US government created AIDS to kill black people and that 9/11 is linked to our decision to bomb Hiroshima--so what? Hey, don't we all have friends who are a little crazy?

This guy's friends certainly do.