Friday, April 04, 2008

Your "Must Read" For Today

Juan Williams of NPR writes a piece for the Wall Street Journal today bringing together the assassination of Martin Luther King 40 years ago with the candidacy of Sen. Barack Obama today.

You've got to read it, if you are seriously considering a vote for Sen. Obama. Here's a key 'graph:

While speaking to black people, King never condescended to offer Rev. Wright-style diatribes or conspiracy theories. He did not paint black people as victims. To the contrary, he spoke about black people as American patriots who believed in the democratic ideals of the country, in nonviolence and the Judeo-Christian ethic, even as they overcame slavery, discrimination and disadvantage. King challenged white America to do the same, to live up to their ideals and create racial unity. He challenged white Christians, asking them how they could treat their fellow black Christians as anything but brothers in Christ.

When King spoke about the racist past, he gloried in black people beating the odds to win equal rights by arming "ourselves with dignity and self-respect." He expressed regret that some black leaders reveled in grievance, malice and self-indulgent anger in place of a focus on strong families, education and love of God. Even in the days before Congress passed civil rights laws, King spoke to black Americans about the pride that comes from "assuming primary responsibility" for achieving "first class citizenship."

Our question today: Would Rev. King have been a member in good standing of Trinity United Church of Christ? Obviously not--and he lived through far more true oppression and hatred than Sen. Obama ever encountered.

So why is a man who could be our next president a member of that church today?