Wednesday, June 04, 2008

And I'm "Willing To Take" Gisele Bundchen To Nude Beach In the Bahamas...

From the LA Times to CNN, the headline is Mrs. Bill Clinton's "willingness to take" the vice presidential spot if, for some unimaginable reason, Sen. Barack Obama should decide to force this opportunity on Hillary who, really, has never even imagined he might offer it to lil' ol' her. Her answer?

"Who, me? Vice President? Well, if you insist...."


Here on Planet Earth, we're watching Heavyweight Hillary's all-out effort to put Sen. Obama in a headlock. On the day Sen. Obama could have been celebrating his victory, Mrs. Clinton was announcing her "willingness" to take the VP slot in every conversation. Meanwhile, the Clinton's ultimate "useful galoot" Lanny Davis (and I mean that in a nice way) has launched an online petition demanding Sen. Obama make Hillary his running mate.

Here's my prediction: Sen. Obama will not choose Mrs. Bill Clinton to be his vice president because he can't. It would cripple his candidacy and all but assure Sen. McCain's victory (as much as any political action could in the era of $5/gallon gasoline, the Iraq War and falling home values).


What is the number one obstacle Sen. Obama faces as a candidate for POTUS? If you said "race," you're either some clueless, knee-jerk America hater or a member of the Boston Globe-Democrat editorial board. (But I repeat myself...)

No, the question Sen. Obama must answer is "Are you strong enough to be president?" Or to put it in a manner more likely to offend the thin-skinned, "Are you man enough?"

Right now, the answer is "no." Sen. Obama has been getting pushed all over the political landscape by Hillary Clinton. His "let's hug Iran" foreign policy and his near-tears reaction to criticism on the campaign trail feed the perception that he's just not tough enough for the world's hardest job.

Because everyone knows Sen. Obama (not to mention Mrs. Obama) doesn't want Hillary on the ticket, the only way she'll get there is if he's forced to choose her. In other words, if he gets pushed around by a girl one more time. And reasonable, fair-minded voters will ask themselves the obvious: If Sen. Obama isn't tough enough to take on Hillary, how can he possibly be tough enough to take on the world."

Right now, Sen. Obama is a 1992 candidate. He's the kind of nice, liberal "I'll vote for him so I can feel better about myself" candidate America could take a chance on once the Soviet Union collapsed and the economy was in fundamentally good shape.

This is 2008. We're at war, Islamist whackjobs are trying to attack us around the globe every day, China, Russia and Iran are itchin' for a fight, we can't afford to buy gas and the economy is the worst its been since the Reagan recovery 25 years ago.

This is our world, and the Democrats choice to lead it is a guy who's not even man enough to say "no" to Hillary Clinton?

Putting Hillary on the ticket is what a weak candidate would do. Sen. Obama can't afford to be that candidate.

Sorry, ladies, but Mrs. Bill will not be invited to this dance.