Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The (Not So) Distinguished Gentleman From Illinois

Here is an excellent, one-page rundown of Sen. Barack Obama's "accomplishments." It's not mean-spirited or overly snarky. It's just what Sen. Obama did. Or, more accurately, hasn't done.

It is mandatory reading for anyone who wants to cast a serious vote on the presidency in November. That leaves out about 90% of Barack Obama's supporters.

The writer echoes a point that, every time I make it, people say "Gee, I didn't know that, " namely this is Sen. Obama's first contested election. That he hasn't lost, anyway.

He used hard-ball tactics to force his first opponents off the ballot when he ran for state senate. He ran in a primary against incumbent Chicago congressman Bobby Rush and got crushed 2-1. Then he ran essentially unopposed for US Senate when his primary opponent and serious GOP opponent both had to drop out due to sex/divorce scandals.

Not only has Sen. Obama never had an executive position, tried an important legal case, or run a business or led on any significant legislation--he's never been tested before in a serious political campaign. There has never been a candidate who has done so little in his life, and gotten this close to the presidency.

He may still be the better man. But nobody can read this account of Sen. Obama's record and say "This guy is qualified to be president." It's just not true. Period.