Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sal Gives Voters The Finger

Actually, it's the OTHER finger.
The Massachusetts Speaker of the House told my hometown newspaper, the MetroWest Daily News, that he doesn't care how the people vote on a proposal to repeal the income tax. He's never going to enact it in the legislature--period.
Sal Dimasi told the MWDN editorial board: "I'm against doing it and I find my self hard-pressed to say that I would try to completely implement an elimination of the income tax. I can't see myself doing that..." (You can watch DiMasi's interview here.)
This is hardly news for anyone who's been paying attention to Massachusetts politics. The courts and the corrupt hacks of Beacon Hill are notorious for completely ignoring the will of the people, on everything from same-sex marriage to even reducing the state income tax.
We vote, they ignore us, we re-elect them. So why should our politicians take us seriously if we're going to reward them for giving us the shaft?
What can you do about it? You can start by getting the income tax repeal on the ballot this November. In fact, the deadline for signatures is June 18, so use this website to print out a petition, get your neighbors to sign it, and then take it down to your town clerk.
Why is it important to get the income tax repeal on the ballot if we know upfront that the political hacks are going to screw us? Because then you've got an election cycle this fall in which you can ask every candidate for re-election "Will you respect the will of the people and obey the law if the repeal passes?"
That means that your local legislator will either have to a) look you in the eye and lie; or b) admit that he has absolutely no respect for the principles of consent of the governed, the rule of law, or democracy itself.
Now is our chance, Massachusetts! Sal DiMasi wants to stick it to you. It's time to stick it right back.